GDPR, Data Protection Act 2018, Freedom Of Information Act 2000 - ADAVISTA Can Guide You Through It

The business was founded by Mrs Robyn J Banks on 1st January 2005. This coincided with the implementation of the Freedom Of Information Act 2000.

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Robyn Banks

Robyn Banks


I am educated to A Level standard in a wide range of subjects. My main specialism at school was Modern Languages, an interest I have continued ever since. My range of Languages covers most of the world including French, German, Spanish, Russian and Mandarin Chinese. I can also speak a smattering of others, such as Moroccan Arabic and Norwegian.


I have spent a lot of my “own” time over the years assisting people in charitable causes. Recently I have become a Lioness/Lion with the Lioness/Lion Club of East Anglia – which gives me more access to charity events to participate in. I like knitting Octopi for premature babies.


After leaving school, I fulfilled a life's ambition to see the world through HM Diplomatic Service. During my working life of 19 years with the Foreign Office, I was lucky to travel the world and complete a wide variety of work. The most relevant being my work as a Trainer (accounts; IT; Data Protection and Freedom of Information) and my attaining Associate status of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) with a Certificate in Training Practices. I spent the last three years of my time in the Foreign Office as a Data Protection Casework Officer and Trainer putting the legislation into the workplace and training others in using the legislation as well as compliance.


During this last three years, I became aware of the need (in the private sector as well as the public sector) for guidance, help and training in this field of Access to Information. This living legislation is not yet being used to its full potential by the very people it is designed to help - the general public. Also, companies have not been made aware of how to protect themselves against potential compensation claims and large enforcement notices. More importantly, how they can use the Freedom of Information legislation to gain useful information themselves on competitors etc when working with public authorities such as schools, primary care trusts and local government. At aDaVista, we are committed to providing every assistance in using this legislation, whether it be personal or non-personal data. It is important to us to bring the legislation and your workplace together with minimal disruption and at reasonable cost with a human approach to the law.

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